Following the success of Into the Woods, fantasy musical Wicked will soon make its way to the silver screen!

This is something that Wicked fans have been dreaming of for a long time, and it's now finally happening! One of those fans happens to be Minkyu Lee, an animator and visual development artist for Disney! Many years ago, as part of his portfolio he created a set of images imagining how an animated version of Wicked might look, and let me tell you, it's pretty wicked.

Lee has since gone on to work on films such as The Princess and the Frog and Frozen, as well as creating his own Oscar-nominated short film Adam and Dog.

Take a look at Lee's take on an animated Wicked:

Visual development for an animated Wicked

Source: Minkyu Lee viaRahzzah

Elphaba during her school days at Shiz University

Elphaba, Galinda and Fiyero

Source: Minkyu Lee viaRahzzah

I love how these character look! Especially Galinda who is oozing her slightly shallow personality.

Madame Morrible, The Wizard of Oz and Chistery

Source: Minkyu Lee viaRahzzah

These are three more wonderful interpretations. I can totally picture Chistery as the classic Disney sidekick, can't you?

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