Hi y’all. Take a seat. We need to talk about something so serious, so profound, so IMPORTANT…I can’t believe we’ve never talked about it before.

I’m of course talking about the iqoniq, the legendary, the timeless soundtrack from A Goofy Movie. Now before you start going all “Whut?!” or “HUH?!” on me, let me smack some sense into you.

As I’m sure you remember, the movie starts off with the catchy-as-hell “After Today” which basically summed up every last day of school in your life, ever.

Aside from the fact that it introduces us to Max’s love interest Roxanne, which is like, sort of the point of the movie…

…we also get to celebrate “40 more minutes of home economics”…

…and perhaps most important of all, these distinguished goths. BLECHHHHH to pep rallies, indeed!

But of course, this cinematic masterpiece — and more important, the musical journey of a lifetime — WAS JUST GETTING STARTED.

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