(Warning - the following contains large, hulking SPOILERS for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, and detailed discussion of easter eggs and teases that can be spotted within a number of key moments. If you haven't yet seen it, then proceed with whatever level of caution you innate SPOILER-aversion suggests is wise...)

Now, by this point, there's a pretty good chance that you've not only seen Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, but seen it multiple times. After all, the movie has already made an insane amount of money in the two weeks that it's been on wide release, suggesting that most of us (myself included) have already headed back to enjoy the adventure for a second (or third, or seventeenth) time.

If you're still thinking of heading back to the theater to dive back into the action, though (and honestly, why wouldn't you be?), then it might be worth taking a look below. Namely, this here shiny breakdown of...

What to Look Out For When Re-Watching 'Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens'

First up?

10. The Movie's Opening Line Has a Double Meaning

For many fans, Episode VII's opening line, in which Max von Sydow's Lor Son Tekka tells Poe "this will begin to make things right", was a little... unusual. If you think of it as not only a reference to the map fragment he's passing on, but also the revival of the franchise as a whole, however, it becomes a whole lot more... and a pretty major piece of shade thrown in the general direction of the prequels.

9. Keep Your Eyes Peeled For a Giant Pig Butt

Now, sure, we all know someone who's a complete horse's ass, but get ready to have way more of a problem with a pigs butt. Or, at least, be prepared to be mildly traumatized by the giant pig whose trough Finn shares on Jakku once you notice the horrifyingly direct look of its butt-hole you glimpse as Finn walks away.

8. Han Solo May Have Teased the New Jabba the Hutt

Remember how Han mentioned that he and Chewie were hauling Rathtar's for a certain King Prana? Well, that's the exact same sort of early, highly-teasing name-dropping that brought us our first mention of Jabba the Hutt back in A New Hope. A future antagonist for our new heroes, perhaps? CoughPoeandFinnteamuppleasecough.

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