For little kids and adults alike, Disney princesses are often held up as the epitome of kindness, beauty, grace and courage. Indeed, these stunning ladies teach us some of the most important morals and life lessons - I'm sure I don't just speak for myself when I say their wonderful stories have greatly shaped my childhood.

From Snow White, Aurora, Belle, and Ariel to Elsa and Rapunzel, these leading girls are undoubtedly characters to look up to and admire. And admittedly I have wished many times that I could be and look just like them.

However, is this realistic? Can I achieve having those doe-eye'd, wispy gazes, those perfect pouty lips, that tiny waist and even tinier arm wrists?

Can a real woman achieve the 'perfect' bodily proportions of a Disney princess?

The lovely people at Buzzfeed have been contemplating this very question, concluding that when you take a closer look at our favorite heroines, you find some pretty distorted proportions.

In order to see how they would fare as Disney's beauties (with their crazy exaggerated body parts!), the ladies at Buzzfeed decided to photoshop themselves into "Disney Princess bodies."

Let's take a look at what happened and what they had to say about the outcome:

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