#1 Aries

Cinderella would be your enemy! As an Aries you have a fixed opinion and are fairly self-oriented. Cinderella would be your enemy because since she’s a Libra, she loves partnership and having a companion and would rather be with someone than be alone.

#2 Taurus

Pocahontas should be your enemy! As a Taurus, you’re a fan of collecting and have a hard time of letting go. Since Pocahontas is a Scorpio she enjoys sharing what she has as well as teaching and giving to others.

#3 Gemini

Rapunzel should be your enemy! As a Gemini, you’re not concerned with how others view you and you strive for self-expression. Rapunzel is a Sagittarius so she tends to be more into exploration and unlike Gemini’s, is shaped by what people think of her.

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