With the fight for presidential candidacy stepping it up a notch in preparation for the 2016 elections (which is still just under a year away on November 8th, 2016!), MTV News commissioned the rather talented Annabel Coe to create some amazing works of art combining the presidential candidates with Disney princesses. What a match made in heaven!

Take a look at the pretty little princesses these presidential candidates would make, and see if you can imagine them taking residence in their castle a.k.a. the White House next November:

1. Donald Trump as Sleeping Beauty

Source: Annabel Coe/MTV

Go back home Elsa, there's a new hot blonde in town.

2. Jeb Bush as Ariel from 'The Little Mermaid'

Source: Annabel Coe/MTV

Jeb Bush just wants to be part of our world guys!

3. Ben Carson as Belle from 'Beauty and the Beast'

Source: Annabel Coe/MTV

If Ben Carson is Belle, who would be his beast?

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