I admit that sometimes when I watch Disney movies, particularly Disney movies I've seen 100 times before, I often wonder what would happen if each of the main characters were the opposite gender: Would a male Elsa have handled his icy powers quite like Elsa in Frozen did? Could a male Ariel have fallen so deeply in love with a Princess Erica after saving her life? Would a male Belle have been quite as patient and fearless with a female Beast? While these alternative movies will probably never be made, it hasn't stopped people like Tumblr artist let there be doodles from imagining some of our favorite characters as their opposite genders, something which is called 'genderbending.'

#1 Eugenie Fitzherbert a.k.a. Flynn Rider

Look at those big brown eyes and cupids bow lips, what a sweet heart! Most importantly though let there be doodles finally got her nose right!

#2 Princess Erica

Princess Erica would make a pretty beautiful mermaid herself, I wonder what a male Ariel (Ari?) would look like...

#3 Princess Charm

This restrained and kind-hearted royal looks pretty as a picture.

#4 Navya

I could totally imagine Naveen as a laid-back, jazz loving lady, though now I totally want to see what the female frog version of Navya looks like!

#5 Petra Pan

Petra Pan would certainly add a new element to the group of lost boys, though perhaps they accept tom boys as well?

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