If there's one thing I can't get enough of it's fairytale characters being reinvented by super clever and talented fan artists, such as Marilen Adrover (a.k.a. TeeLamb) for example! Check out her take on four of our favorite fairytale gals in her 'fairytale mugshots' series:

1. Class A Alice

Alice may look like the ultimate good girl with her blonde hair, blue dress and cute kitten, but we all know what she got up to down that rabbit hole!

2. Red Riding Hoodlum

She may be a cold-blooded killer, but if it was the Big Bad Wolf who Red Riding Hood is being convicted of killing then you kind of have to give her a round of applause for taking down that beast! I love that she has a set of knuckle dusters on her bloodied hand as well, go Red!

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