#1 Ms. Hoover

Sure, it turns out to be a vacuum joke, but now we know what the writers were really thinking . . .

#2 Smithers Lays His Cards on the Table

You remember this Treehouse of Terror episode, but did you remember how explicitly Smithers opened up about his sexual identity?

#3 Springfield Heights

If you have a keen eye you may get the filthy joke here . . . Hint: schools often use acronyms . . .

#4 Bart Comes out of the Closet

It seems so obvious now . . .

#5 More Wordplay

So it's called 'Sneed's Feed and Seed' because 'Feed' and 'Seed' rhyme with Sneed. It was formerly 'Chuck's' . . . now imagine a couple of S and F words that rhyme with Chuck.

#6 Flanders Pulls A Few Boners

He goes on to talk about going off half-cocked . . .

#7 Homer's Stamina

As a kid we never really got the whole backseat reference . . . or the reference to Homer's 10 minutes. 10 minutes is a good long time, right guys? Right?

#8 Ms. Krabappel's Sex Ed

Can you believe Bart has his eyes covered?

#9 Mr. Plow

Remember when Marge asked Homer to wear the 'Mr. Plow' jacket to bed? Does that make a little more sense now?

#10 Homer and the Apes

This was another head-scratcher when we were kids.

#11 Krusty's Joke

Don't get why Krusty's joke is incredible dirty? Just google the 'Twelve Inch Pianist Joke' if you dare.

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