#1 Her Alien Eyes

Actually this is what ALL aliens will try to tell you. . . Beware.

#2 This Grocery Market

This corner market doesn't like "waste", but wonders why all their inventory doesn't sell?

#3 Phone Scammers

These scammers will be putting themselves out of business before the cops catch them.

#4 The Computer Dolphin

This dolphin is NOT a virus? It just wants to swim through your hardware.

#5 Fashion Knock-Offs

Why do we get the feeling the designer, Louis Vuitton is not threatened here?

#6 Photoshop Hack??

NOPE. . . Even though you gave her fingernail polish, this is NOT the type of hack you'd want others to see dude. . . it's too desperate.

#7 This Janitor

This janitor is having a bad day, DON"T even try..

#8 Having A Baby?

Creepy Dave wants to help you, BUT run away you pregnant mothers.

#9 Just Had One Job

Food is so over processed today, we don't recognize it anymore..

#10 Childcare Services

They actually eat children for breakfast. . . Run!

#11 Michaelsoft Binbows

Nope. . . Bill Gates and Microsoft won't be pressing charges here.


This is your parents trying hard to be good role models. . . nope, NOT even legit!

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