SpongeBob SquarePants is celebrating its 15th anniversary this week (it officially went to series July 17, 1999) and in those 15 years SpongeBob has found himself treading into some pretty risqué territory. The writers and animators have to be clever about the adult jokes they slip into the show, and many of them your underdeveloped young mind might have missed the first time around.

Then again, maybe the internet is just seeing what its perverted mind wants to see. You be the judge...

1. Strange looking balloon SpongeBob has there.

2. Perfect joke.

3. Hmm, whatever could that big RED blimp represent?

4. Nothing like a well-placed prison sex joke.

5. Squidward exploring a little too much with that vacuum cleaner?

6. Clearly busted watching sea porn.

7. Nose, finger or ???

8. Mr. Krabs is relieved he'll at least have nice cleavage.

9. The sand eventually becomes a lamp, but there's definitely a brief moment when it's going in a more sexual direction.

10. A blatant prostitution joke.

11. An apology cake with a nice STD joke slipped in.

12. A well-placed boner joke.

13. Let's talk about how unhygienic Krusty Krab's location in bikini bottom really sounds.

14. Patrick's "genius" is showing.

15. Finally, an amazingly dirty joke the writers were able to sneak in courtesy of Squidward.

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