1. Finally, all of the answers we've been waiting for (assuming the question is "how tall does Gengar need to be to have sex with us?")

2. Gen 1...the best gen, with nothing but perfect Pokemon.

3. I'm beginning to think there are too many Pokemon games.

4. This is actually true!

5. He's not wrong.

6. You can be any Pokemon you want, as long as you believe.

7. To be fair, Pokemon is a series where children can ENSLAVE GOD.

8. My evolutions will go on...

9. The obstacles on the REAL Victory Road are a lot harder to get past.

10. Ash being a vampire makes SO MUCH SENSE.

11. I herd u liek to drown, Mudkip

12. ...MY GOD.

13. Pokemon, the only game where you can feed cake to swords and piles of garbage

14. Chill the hell out, Brock

15. The perfect description.

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