1. Sometimes you just need love to smack you right in the face.

2. Standing out from the crowd can make all the difference.

3. Some love is revolutionary.

4. While some love is just about doing what feels good.

5. Love letters don’t always come in the mail.

6. Not all love stories have happy endings.

7. In fact some might break your heart.

8. Big romantic gestures can make all the difference.

9. Lovers give each other nicknames to increase the intimacy.

10. When love goes wrong it’s good to see the silver lining.

11. To see the truth in a relationship look at the little things.

12. Never give up hope, because one day you will find your muse.

13. The one for you could be just around the corner.

14. Sometimes you have to sacrifice your dignity for love.

15. The truth about your love can come when you are at your most vulnerable

16. Or maybe you will see the truth in the everyday.

17. Romance can be found in the most unlikely scenarios.

18. Some love stories will truly melt your heart.

19. While others seem so familiar.

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