1. “Childish Gam-BEANS-O”:

2. This important question about Tarzan’s personal hygiene:

3. This unfortunate rule:

4. Aladdin without pants on:

5. This love connection:

6. This trip to the Garden:

7. This unfortunate design choice:

8. This sexy-ass couch:

9. This guy discovering the joys of “ninja masks”:

10. The world’s smelliest pickup line:

11. This fresh cut:

12. Dad’s questionable response:

13. A day in the life of Justin Bieber’s biggest fan:

14. Any and all bomb threat selfies:

15. This fashion statement:

16. The elusive bro-maid:

17. This uncle’s antics:

18. Kelsey and her brother:

19. Dr. Drake:

20. This love triangle for the ages:

21. This marriage proposal:

22. Grandpa’s love:

23. This ring saying “NO!”

24. And this loving comment:


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