1. That time they invented a new scale to measure stupidity with.

2. And when they took nursery rhymes to a new level.

3. That time they discovered how Washington really felt about the Revolutionary War.

4. When they realised what Hitler was truly like.

5. And when they found out Adolf was actually quite a fashionista.

6. When they made sure to warn the rest of the world about the mistakes Austria once made.

7. When they shot down all those who complain about millennials.

8. When they were not ready for the Lincoln jokes just yet, but went there anyway.

9. And when they finally came to a conclusion as to why he was shot in the first place.

10. When they determined Bonaparte’s true calling.

11. And when they questioned his wardrobe choices.

12. And when they perfectly summed up Columbus’ discovery in just one sentence.

13. When they decided tampon commercials need a completely new approach.

14. When they came to a conclusion that Michelangelo was completely done with everything and everyone.

15. When they got unexplainably fascinated with legs.

16. When they realised Europe is the bad guy after all.

17. And when they were kind enough to educate casually.

18. When they realised no one tells them anything, especially when it comes to assassinations.

19. That time they came up with a new approach to communism.

20. And when this smart individual discovered the biggest pun in the history of cleaning products.

21. When it hit them how crazy the Middle Ages were.

22. When Dennis, Not Dennis, and Definitely Not Denis learned this about ancient Rome.

23. When they found this poor guy’s misfortune incredibly funny.

24. When they cracked the key to Poland’s success at avoiding the Black Death.

25. And when they realised history is basically just a long Mean Girls marathon.

26. Only to then reach a conclusion that it’s all incredibly hilarious after all.

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