1. The Ski-Slope Bathroom

There is no better place to plop your butt than the slopes.

2. The Ice Restroom

For those who prefer their buns frozen.

3. The Steampunk Bathroom

AKA The Dr.-Who-Fan Loo

4. The Glass-Bottom Bathroom

The perfect compliment to a room most preoccupied with YOUR bottom.

5. The Solid-Gold Throne

The perfect place to drop your own golden nuggets.

6. The Dalí Delight

So disorienting, there's no guarantee what you're sitting on is actually the toilet!

7. The Future Bathroom

In the future, toilets are indistinguishable from the trash, bidet, and sink. It makes things more exciting.

8. The 'Yellow Submarine' Bathroom

A yellow submarine to navigate the yellow waters of life.

9. The Underwater Bathroom

King Trident's throne... with a twist!

10. The Koi Pond Commode

You definitely won't get lonely.

11. The Chaos Commode

The perfect place to go after you've eaten too much corn and prunes.

12. The Mortality Toilet

Hit the head and practice a Hamlet-esque monologue, or maybe just a good ol' fashioned existential crisis!

13. The One-Way-Mirror Palace

For the exhibitionist who can't afford legal fees.


15. The Outdoorsy Bathroom

Bringing a whole new meaning to the term "outhouse."

16. The Stone-Age Bathroom

For a yabba-dabba-doo-doo time.

17. The Surprise Bathroom

Not only can it propel you onto the stage for the Superbowl halftime show, but it can also hide below ground when not functioning as a public toilet.

18. The Indoor/Outdoor Bathroom

Get a tan while you do your business!

19. The Egg Pod

Take a futuristic bathroom journey with these strange egg shaped bathroom stalls at London's "sketch restaurant."

20. The Garden Toilet

When nature calls!

21. The High-Rise Bathroom

For the most metropolitan of movements.

22. The Room of Mirrors

A way to really reflect on what you've produced.

23. The Comic Book Bathroom

So scary, it may have you pooping bricks!

24. The Bubble Bathroom

Stylish AND safe with extra padding on the walls in case things get eventful.

25. The Couples Retreat

The ultimate bonding experience.

26. The Gamer's Paradise

Take your gaming experience to the next level!

27. The Tropical Challenge Bathroom

It's like Legends of the Hidden Temple, only the motivation behind the adventure is far more urgent than the Shrine of the Silver Monkey.

28. The Mirror Mosaic

With every surface covered in mirror except for the toilet, you're guaranteed to have a great view of the whole affair.

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