1. When your friend finally comes over to get ready:

2. When you and your BFF decide to pre-game hard:

3. When you spent two hours getting ready, and you’re feeling your look:

4. When you and your friends are on a mission to get laid:

5. When you have to bring that friend who hates going out:

6. When your Uber drops you off 10 blocks from the club:

7. When you try and play it sober for the bouncer:

8. When you try to get to the front of the line:

9. When you’re two shots into tequila and finally get the courage to talk to that hot guy:

10. When you walk up to the bar and desperately need water:

11. When you finally make it to the bathroom after holding it in line.

12. When you end up having a drunk cry in the bathroom:

13. When you’re talking to your friend, but you can’t help but notice dat ass across the dance floor:

14. When some creep starts trying to dance up on ya on the dance floor:

15. When you get word that your crush wants to hook up with you:

16. When you get pictures taken at the club:

17. And when you actually look at those photos the next day without drunk goggles:

18. When you discover McDonald’s closed early:

19. And when you finally get your hands on some of that sweet sweet drunk food:

20. When someone tries to mooch off your pizza:

21. When you forget your keys at the bar:

22. When you get home and your roommate has leftovers:

23. When you hear your friends arguing outside:

24. When you tuck your drunk friend into bed:

25. When you’re waiting for your booty call to arrive:

26. The next morning:

27. When you finally get that drink of water in the morning:

28. And when you have to go into work the next day:

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