1. When this hockey player proved that sometimes the most dangerous moments come off the ice.

2. When this girl got in a Twitter fight with a deer.

3. When this girl twerked out of a moving car and the inevitable happened.

4. When this guy proved love doesn’t always triumph.

5. These soldiers going to war with a tyre. And losing.

6. When this girl had an absolute crisis.

7. When Photoshop was just way too pricey to even consider.

8. When this Snapchat was absolute peak mom.

9. And then this Snapchat was absolute peak Starbucks.

10. When this person discovered that extremely heavy objects thrown with force really hurt.

11. This girl who got a more incredible picture than she ever could have imagined.

12. When this guy couldn’t decide between white guy dreads and a fedora and just went with both, to no one’s satisfaction.

13. When this dog made a brave but ultimately flawed attempt.

14. This failed high five that will live in infamy.

15. This revelation.

16. When this master thief made his escape.

17. When this cunning undercover operation had one tiny flaw.

18. When this highly paid media professional tweeted a slightly wrong link.

19. When this ambition was just way too high.

20. When this cookbook got named and no one thought carefully enough about it.

21. When this man almost made it.

22. When this workman’s trick didn’t work, man.

23. When these towns didn’t think ahead when they got named.

24. When this completely unavoidable accident proved the risks of empty car parks.

25. When this woman’s middle name got cut off by a form and suddenly everything went wrong.

26. When this guy just didn’t get the memo about dodging.

27. When Pepsi got left in a freezing car and launched an all-out assault on upholstery.

28. When this delivery driver nailed it.

29. When it turned out that this chair did, in fact, have a recline function.

30. Then this man furthered humanity’s understanding of physics.

31. Let us thank these brave souls making these important scientific discoveries.

32. When this teacher was thanked but really shouldn’t have been.

33. And when selfie sticks finally reached rock bottom.

34. Finally, all these people and their utterly deplorable hygiene.

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