1. When they answered a very important question.

2. When they discovered the true meaning of ‘No Homo.’

3. When they made this discovery about Mario.

4. When they found out about England’s secret plan.

5. When they realised what was actually happening in Parks and Rec.

6. When they redefined what could be done with the concept of puns.

7. And this person who took it even further.

8. When they figured out an alternate use for Lorde.

9. When they came up with this demonically evil plan.

10. When they saw both sides.

11. When this cheese cheesed too hard.

12. When they looked into some options for the future of the military.

13. When they found a joke that was 10,000 years in the making.

14. When they found this law-enforcing dog.

15. When this username finally paid off.

16. When they discovered some jokes just weren’t funny.

17. When they completely ruined Toy Story for you.

18. When they made a really committed joke.

19. When they found this perfect analogy.

20. When they went down the bagged milk rabbit hole.

21. When this person was probably lucky they checked Google Translate first.

22. When this happened….

23. When they discovered the true meaning of Christmas.

24. When they made this important mathematical discovery.

25. When they made this very important observation about social niceties.

26. When this teacher happened.

27. And then this teacher happened.

28. When they made this crucial scientific discovery.

29. When they put together two plus two and made about fourteen.

30. When they found this lovely giraffe.

31. When this person managed to live up to expectations.

32. When they figured out the greatest mystery in computing.

33. When they found something with a really important backstory.

34. When they made the greatest joke of all time.

35. When they found out Death’s worst nightmare.

36. When they found a goddamn peeled lemon.

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