Since the dawn of man (or since Pokemon Red & Blue was released, either way), we have looked to the stars and wondered one question: what the heck is going on with the lower part of Diglett and Dugtrio's body? Like, we can see the part that sticks out of the ground, but not the bottom part. Luckily, artists across the internet have put up hypothesis after hypothesis to explain the greatest mystery of our time:

Theory 1: Diglett Is Just a Tiny Part of an Enormous Nightmare Monster

Theory 2: Diglett Is Just a Person Whose Head Is Sticking Out of the Ground

Theory 3: Diglett Is (Literally) A Penis

Theory 4: Diglett is...Actually Reasonable-Looking?

Then there's the most controversial theory: that Diglett is just a mostly-normal looking Pokemon without anything super crazy or unexpected hiding underneath the ground.

The good people at DidYouKnowGaming put together this simple image to clearly illustrate what Diglett probably looks like, and the evidence in favor of this theory.

And then DeviantArtist gnooroopofthegerudo went and showed everyone up with a scientific analysis of IRL Digletts (I know Digletts don't exist IRL, but if they did, this is the guy who you'd get to document them).

But the simple, cutesy Diglett (as imagined by yiyang1989 is the one that probably exists in the games. They may not look like much, but let's see your Raichu use Thunderbolt against 'em.

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