Babysitter Blues

Joke in Question: Lisa is talking to her boyfriend and says, "She didn't! ... She DID!? ... But they're not in love like we are."

There's only one act high school kids use love to justify, and that means Lisa is getting some! Of course, for the purity ring-wearing youths, that's only justified within a marriage, and, like, only one Jonas Brother succeeded on that front. I'm assuming. I don't know for sure if Kevin waited!

Dial M for Monkey

Joke in Question: Agent Honeydew eats a hot dog in a rather seductive manner

Look, hot dogs are one of the most penis-y foods around. That's why I have trouble eating them in front of boys. I have issues.

Beard to be Feared

Joke in Question: "I assure you it is 100% pure."

Flour looks kind of like cocaine, am I right? And when you start talking about its purity, it doesn't take a drug kingpin like Tony Montana to realize Dexter's Laboratory is making a veiled reference to coke. This is just what every kid needs to learn about. Aren't they hopped up enough on sugar cereal!?

A Dexter's Laboratory Short

Joke in Question: Dexter looks at a wrench like it's a nude centerfold

When Dexter gets a special delivery in the mail, he's beyond excited. He runs to his lab, opens the magazine, and unfolds a centerfold. His eyes bulge out and he says, "Ohhhh, sweet mama" before letting out a whistle. It's then revealed that Dexter is looking at a hot ass wrench! Such a sweet boy.

Wait ... is he doing something kinky with that wrench? I DON'T KNOW! I've watched My Strange Addiction before. People be lovin' up on some weird things!


Joke in Question: Dexter labels Dee Dee's doll's crotch

Okay, okay, maybe I just have a dirty mind and this one is a stretch, but can we just think of the implications that Dexter has left his mark on a doll's panties?

No? Jeez, I have problems. I recognize this fact.

And This Joke That Almost No One Got ...

Joke in Question: "That's no hydroxyl ion, that's my wife!"

There's a lot of debate on this one, but since hydroxyl ions are often abbreviated as "HO", the professor is basically saying "That's no HO, that's my wife!" Who knew science jokes could be so naughty? No wonder Stephen Hawking gets laid so much.

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