If you're reading this I'm assuming you love SpongeBob and have seen every episode numerous times. But there are some SpongeBob scenes that you haven't seen because they were deleted! Either never shown, deleted only in certain countries, or shown once and deleted because of controversies, these following moments were too inappropriate even for a show that is frequently very inappropriate! Here's a look a 8 deleted naughty moments!

Karate Choppers

This info comes straight from the Season One DVD commentary. Apparently a scene involving Sandy Cheeks karate chopping a fish in the balls was cut becasue it was deemed inappropriate. Jackass wouldn't even exist if they were held to that standard!! I for one find it more appalling to think of fish having balls. I'm never eating caviar again... just in case.


This scene was only banned in some countries because it sounds like SpongeBob is telling Patrick this "your p*n*s is showing". instead of "your genius is showing". Yeah, that's kind of the whole joke. It's sort of meant to sound like that. These countries must be real fun at parties!

Life of Crime

This episode originally had a scene where SpongeBob says "No more getting nailed," before Patrick puts a nail in his noggin. But because nailed is slang for doing it, things needed to be kept safe for our chidren! WE MUST PROTECT THE CHILDREN!! The line was changed to "No more getting mail" and instead of Patrick putting a nail in his head, he sucks his thumb. Uh, nothing distrubing about that.


This episode had a whole lot of stuff, but the most 'offensive' thing was probably Patrick rubbing sunscreen on Sandy and yelling "C'mon, SpongeBob!". Sandy wasn't wearing her spacesuit just a bikini and it looks like he's taking her top off. The last thing I need to be thinking about is a threeway between SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy. Oy.

Sailor Mouth

According to the Season 2 DVD commentary, there was a scene in which SpongeBob said "Go 'dolphin noise' yourself" followed by Patrick saying "'Dolphin noise' you too!" and that was considered too naughty. BUT THE WHOLE EPISODE IS ABOUT SAYING DIRTY WORDS!? This is why censorship rarely makes sense. This one was singled out, because dolphin noise? The stupidity in this world is infuriating sometimes.

The Fry Cook Games

This one was only edited for certain countries. In the episode SpongeBob and Patrick exit the stadium holding hands and that's changed to them holding shoulders, you know so they don't look gay. I don't know, to me shoulder massage is extremely sexual, but maybe that's just my own experience. But sure, lets keep worrying about cartoon characters being gay. It's not like school shootings and measles outbreaks are happening. Wait...

Night Light

Here's another one where people got all uptight about SpongeBob and Patrick being gay. The original airing had Patrick saying "SpongeBob, can I sleep with you again tonight?" which was changed to "Sleepover!" No matter what he said, I hope they still had sex, just to piss all those prudish people with incredibly dirty minds off.

One Krab's Trash

The original airing had SpongeBob saying "You'll never guess what I found in my pants last night," but "pants" was changed to "sock" because god forbid it looks like he's referring to his penis. It's almost like these people have never heard of the Red Hot Chili Peppers or what gym socks are sometimes used for. If you don't know then I'm not going to tell you, that's what parents or Google is for.

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