#1 Toy Story

Hmmm ... maybe he''s just shy.

#2 Karate Kid

No one noticed that the Karate Kid broke this huge rule.

#3 Ghostbusters

How did this marshamallow man manage to be taken seriously.

#4 The Dark Knight Rises

This is reminiscent of our world today.

#5 Armageddon

How plausible that these astronauts were drillers too?

#6 Independence Day

How did we miss this one?

#7 Back To The Future

There are so many mistakes and confusion in Back To The Future that it's easy to miss them.

#8 Simpson

How did they get away with this one? Did you notice?

#9 Rocky 5

Did we even notice how quickly Rocky's son aged? That's movie magic for ya.

#10 Waterworld

Well, smoking is that important, right?

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