#1 This Olympic Swimmer

Apparently Fabio Scozzoli has an advantage in swimming competitions, he's half man and half manta ray.

#2 Heinz Ketchup

The classic American sauce may be an amazing beauty exfoliant OR a shower snack. . . is someone pregnant?

#3 This Cat Trick

This poor kitty thinks you're sense of humor is "twisted", to say the least.

#4 Unintentional Racist

Martin Luther King was a humble man, but will NOT inspire while you shower.

#5 This Kiddie Slide

A park for parents who want to rid their kids or win a lawsuit?

#6 Buff Kangaroo

Geez, don't doubt Roo, he telling it like it is..

#7 Pen Head

Why streak your hair at a salon, when you already have "quite a Bic of color."

#8 Roof Crash

What's going on here? The sky isn't falling, cars are..

#9 U-Parking

This truck has solved it's issue with never finding a parking space.

#10 Mixed Breeds

And they said Zoos were a place to bring the whole family?

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