#1 Text message breakup

First he toyed with her emotions and gave her hope for the future, then he dumped her over text. It's funny and depressing at once!

#2 Grandpa macabre

How would you even respond to a text like that?

#3 This dad opened with a joke. That part was nice ...

... and then things got really weird really fast. Dad was on an emotional roller coaster that day.

#4 Cheese loving bro

At store. Urgently need awesome cheese. Battery dying. Please help me. Anyone.

#5 Denied!

She just had to keep pushing him. Well, at least now she knows where she stands.

#6 Awkward! Dad was horrified.

This incident was pushed into that dusty corner of stuff in dad's brain that he's trying desperately to forget about, but can't.

#7 I'm LEAVING you :)

Wouldn't it have been great if just as that last text was received a gust of wind scattered the heart leaf pile?

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