1. On the warning signs:

2. On sneezing:

3. On the important questions:

4. On what it really means:

5. On how painful periods actually are:

6. No, seriously. They’re bad:

7. But really:

8. On buying ~feminine hygiene products~:

9. On the uterus:

10. On the truth about the North Pole:

11. On the various meanings of Red Wedding:

12. On what really happens every month:

13. On how badass women are:

14. Really, so metal:

15. On a surprise visit from Aunt Flo:

16. On terrible puns:

17. And brilliant analogies:

18. On getting periods as a lesbian:

19. On amusing yourself:

20. On the importance of sex ed:

21. On the vagina’s betrayal:

22. On side effects:

23. On getting your period in public:

24. On cravings:

25. On mansplainers:

26. On trying to be discreet:

27. And this mind-blowing fact:

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