#1 Meet Istvan Orosz

Hungarian artist Istvan Orosz has created paintings that do not seem to make sense at first. But, add a cylindrical mirror and it all makes sense.

#2 Things are Not What They Seem

Orosz creates artwork that is sometimes beautiful on its own, but when it comes in the realm of the circular mirror, the true form comes to light.

#3 Mountains, Right?

At first glance, it appears that a mountain ravine with a glowing moon is the intent of the painting. But look in the mirror and you will see a distinct face as the reflection.

#4 Shout Out to Homer

This specific painting is reportedly a tribute by Orosz to Odysseus and his great battle with the one eyed Cyclops.

#5 The Eye of the Tiger

A browsing of Orosz's portfolio will show a borderline infatuation with the eye. Why not when it looks this good?

#6 Hidden Faces

The ability to reflect a specific face in a mirror from a seemingly intricate artwork of a seemingly whole other genre is truly perplexing and hard for us to grasp.

#7 Fist Up

If you looked at the image on the paper, could you ever imagine its reflection in a cylindrical mirror being so fist-like? The transformative reflections are truly amazing.

#8 How Does He Do It

The secret behind this new form of artwork will likely be locked under key, but in the mean time we can enjoy its pure beauty.

#9 Fear and Loathing in Hungary

The melting look of the column on the paper in this one reminds us of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. We cannot get enough of this guy's work.

#10 2 in 1

It seems like the artist incorporated two separate paintings into one display, using the reflection in the bottom picture to complete the hand of the other work. Pretty cool.

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