The thing I most love about fan art is its ability to take some of my most beloved pop culture characters and render them in a completely different light than I'm used to - it adds a whole new dimension to already awesome franchises!

There are few better at blending the old with the new than the incredibly talented and wonderfully original digital artist, Sakimichan. The 23-year-old Canadian draws from many different sources, from Disney to Marvel, to Pokemon, to Johnny Bravo!

Feast your eyes on a selection of her best work:

A Mer... Person

Though it reminds me a little of Pokemon's Team Rocket, this double gender representation of Disney's most famous mermaid is wonderfully creative!

P-P-P-P Pocahontas' Face

Sakimichan says:

"I admire her [Pocahontas'] spirit, she's not like any standard disney princesses and because of that she's in my top 3 female disney character if not first. I based this portrait off of a scene in the movie when they first meet."

A Blossoming Hero

The ultimate Chinese warrior is recreated stunningly here - I especially love the broad brush strokes on the falling petals.

Jack Frost and Elsa Will Make You Jel-sa

Jack Frost and Elsa get close in the snow, and all I can think about is how freezing she must be.

The Animated Seductress

I don't think there's a teenage boy out there who wasn't immediately reduced to a drooling wreck when Jessica Rabbit came on screen.

Johnny Bravo: THUG LIFE

Johnny Bravo proves he can still hang in the modern age. Just don't touch his hair.

Beats By Link

DJ Link is in the house - "This one is for all you captured lovers out there."

Misty-Eyed Misty

The reflections on her skin are staggeringly well done!

Carbon Neutral Loki

Before he was into world domination, Loki was way into hemp.


That's some full on Scooby stubble you've got going on there, Shaggy.

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