#1 Boothill Cemetery

Actor Terry Ike Clanton took this photo in Boothill Cemetery in Tombstone, AZ in the 1990's. If you look into the bushes behind him, you can make out a spectral figure emerging from the ground, wearing old fashioned clothing.

#2 The "Brown Lady"

Ghost enthusiasts say that Lady Dorothy Townsend has been haunting Raynham Hall since 1835. This photo of the "Brown Lady," was taken in the 1930's.

#3 Pack your bags. It's time to move.

This is terrifying. A father photographed his young daughter playing near a luminous, crawling apparition.

#4 All sales FINAL

A photograph was taken of this dresser for sale through furniture dealer, Montague Cooper. When the film was developed, a disembodied hand seemed to caress the piece of furniture. This dresser comes with a ghost at no extra charge to you!

#5 Photobombing ghost

Denise Russel took this photo of her grandma in 1997. She and her family swear that the figure standing behind her grandmother looks so much like Denise's grandfather... who died in 1984!

#6 Freaky

This photo was taken at the Grand Canyon in the 1980's. A strange cloaked figure seems to be floating near that unsuspecting tourist.

#7 Burial at sea

Two crew memebers of the SS Waterton died in an accident and were buried at sea. That was not the end of the story, however. The crew and the captain began to see ghostly faces emerging from the water after the bodies were tossed overboard. The captain of the SS Waterton took this photo during the 1920's.

#8 Haunted chair #1

Not even death itself could separate Lord Combermere from his favorite chair.

#9 Haunted chair #2

The state of Tennessee needed to have maintenance performed on their electric chair, and the engineer that was hired took this photo. Look closely and you might be able to make out the outline of a ghostly face and a hand.

#10 Romanian treasure hunters: beware of ghost

The old Decebal Hotel in Romania is said to have treasure buried under it, but unfortunately, it is believed that the treasure is guarded by a ghost. This photo was taken in 2008.

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