#1 Neighbor Bros

Neighbors should be treated like friends, even if they are not. And that means no touching the little, busty sister, period.

#2 Neighbors R Haters

Neighbors did not choose to live next to each other most of the time, and when you have an A-hold Dan living next door every little thing is an issue.


#4 Psycho Sasha

First we had A-hole Dan and now Sasha the Psycho is propositioning her male neighbor for sexual favors.

#5 Dude is the Man

You have to respect the dude who is never afraid to take a shot. This dude definitely did not miss any opportunity, not that there ever was one.

#6 Did You Call Me a Tramp?

Female neighbors can get as catty as kittens, and if you did not catch it the grey bubble called the blue bubble a tramp. Ouch.

#7 Thing Walls = Mad Neighbors

Apartment living is considered lower than house living for a reason, and that reason is shared walls, floors, and ceilings. Brutal.

#8 Hypocrite

This chick wants to apologize for screaming like the insecure girlfriend that she is but won't take a little sympathy? We really don't get the logic there.

#9 Rent-a-Kid

If someone paid us money to watch our kid for us you bet your ass they can have her. Make it four hours as a matter of fact.

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