When we found out we had to wait longer for the series this year, we were pissed. Usually the new Game of Thrones series comes out in April but due to the fact they had to find some really cold weather now that winter has come, and the fact that GRR Martin hasn't managed to write the books, it was pushed back.

But now we know - HBO is going to release the seventh season on June 25th - that's only five months away! Well, maybe, it is an unconfirmed leak online.

That means only five more months of theories and speculations - although that is one of my favourite parts of Game of Thrones...

Where Has Gendry Been All This Time?

Honestly, Gendry, you've been missing for years at this point; what's your excuse? As the only rightful heir Robert Baratheon, he could take the throne off mad as a bag of snakes Cersei. But has he been doing anything useful this whole time or has he just found a quiet blacksmithery to make swords and horseshoes? What if, instead of Jon Snow and Dany getting together, which is pretty dodgy because they are nephew and aunt - Dany marries Gendry instead? Now there's a thought!

Arya Reunites with Sansa and Jon Snow

I have been waiting years for these three to reunite. I'm expecting tears, fights, hugs and strategic plans on how to get revenge on everyone who has hurt their family. Sansa has the political know how, Arya has the cunning and Jon Snow has the strategy and the brawn. Together they're the perfect team.

Dany Finally Gets To Westeros

This girl has been procrastinating for years - but now she's back on track to take over Westeros with the Greyjoys. With Tyrion by her side, she'll surely be able to take over the crown from Cersei. I can't imagine that she's popular with anyone right now - even her twin brother and lover seems to hate her.

What's Happening With Bran?

In Season Six, he messed up badly. He managed to bring the White Walkers down upon the whole group, killed Hordor and screwed up his brain when he went back in time. Now the theory is that because he messed up the wards in the cave, going over the wall would allow the White Walkers to do the same. Surely not?

(source theladbible)

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