10. Are We Done With The Faceless Men?

A girl is given a second chance. She will not be given a third.

A girl wastes that second chance, refuses to kill the target, and then instead kills the person the Faceless Men sent to kill her.

A girl is now No One.

You what, Jaqen? The end of Arya's time in the House of Black and White sure was confusing, but at least it finished with her regaining her identity as Arya Stark. But what does this mean for the Faceless Men?

Although apparently a deadly organisation of assassins, we've only seen one of them in the show, and now he's been left behind by the one tie he had to the narrative. Are the Faceless Men done as far as the show is concerned? Although an interesting concept, it hasn't really taken off, so it wouldn't be a surprise if this was done. But then, at the same time, Jaqen (or the guy who wears that face, anyway) is still alive, so it's very much open for him in the future.

9. Is The Blackfish Really Dead?

It's the long-established rule of TV: if you don't see them die, there's a chance they aren't really dead. And that goes double for Game of Thrones, because even when you do see them die, it doesn't mean they're really dead (or at least staying that way).

The Blackfish makes an unceremonious exit from the show this week, having only just been brought back, as he's apparently killed off screen. Or is he?

There's not much to go on here beyond not seeing the death happen or his body afterwards, but that's generally enough. After all, why bring the character back after three years just to immediately kill him off?

(source whatcultre)

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