10. What's Happening With The Others?

After the events of last week - which don't really need recapping, because no one is gonna forget them - viewers may have expected to see the fallout from that. What happened with Maggie? Did they make it to Hilltop or back to Alexandria? How is everyone coping?

Instead, the show eschewed all that in favour of introducing us to the Kingdom. A wise move, since it let the show breathe and have a bit of fun. However, it means all those questions still apply, as we still don't know what's going on with the other survivors.

9. Is The Kingdom Really Safe?

The Kingdom isn't your typical Walking Dead community. It has a King, a tiger, plentiful fruits, and even a choir (with a penchant for singing Bob Dylan, because of course his music lives on after the apocalypse).

However, it's still a group of survivors doing their best to stay safe, and under threat from both walkers and humans. It seems safe now, but is the Kingdom going to remain that way? Could Negan ramp up the stakes? Will things get worse - as they often do - for the Kingdom once Rick Grimes shows up?

That's assuming, of course, that the Kingdom is as it seems. We know Ezekiel is putting on an act, but are the rest of them really like that? Could anymore secrets come to the surface?

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