Game Of Thrones deals in stunning moments. Its storylines are rich, deep and sprawl across the entire series. The end-game hasn’t changed since the very first episode. Bad-ass ice dudes and guys raging over a big metal chair.

The ending to the show has been theorised beyond belief, but it’s still unclear what will actually happen in the end, though many storylines or mini-arcs have come to an end, with varying degrees of success. The majority of storylines have been immense, but there were a few that went out with a whimper, rather than a bang…

10. Yara’s Failed Rescue Attempt

One of the less significant storylines in comparison to the overarching ‘civil war’ theme is Yara Greyjoy’s quest to rescue Theon. It was a bizarre plot to begin with, as Yara and her crack team of Ironborn fighters managed to burst their way into the heart of the Dreadfort itself.

However, the most astonishing part is that despite being able to penetrate a largely impenetrable stronghold, Yara and her men are forced to retreat by a literal pack of dogs. It was all just a bit of a waste of time, and only went to prove that Theon was lost to ‘Reek’.

It’s the last we’ve seen or heard from the Ironborn, the last we’ve seen of the Dreadfort, and while the idea of launching a daring rescue mission was tantalising, it failed to deliver any real drama.

9. Aemon Targaryen

Aemon Targaryen. Aemon. Targaryen. Tar-gar-yen. Everybody loved the kindly old man, and it was fitting that the most gentle individual in the Seven Kingdoms was given a suitably gentle death from natural causes. He offered up some real pearls of wisdom, but the man was a Targaryen, and nothing major really came from that fact.

Of course, he teased us all about Jon Snow’s potential comeback, he offered up some historical details from his previous life south of the Wall, but the very fact that he was indeed a living Targaryen didn’t affect the overarching storyline at all. It’s not a huge flaw, but it makes his character seem like a big anti-climax and wasted potential to a certain extent.

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