10. Almost Everything Andrea Did
Andrea was one of the least liked characters on the show and for good reason. Girlfriend made way too many bad decisions.

The comic book version of Andrea is one of the most well received characters. She’s a sharp shooter and important part of the group. She survived both the Governor and Negan. Yep, she’s still alive in the comics and she’s Rick’s partner. She’s pretty great in the comics, but why wasn’t she great on the show? Well, she was straight-up not very likable and she made a million dumb decisions. There was the time she tried to kill herself. There was the time she had sex with crazy Shane. There was the time she wanted to stay at Woodbury, against Michonne’s concerns. There was the time she hooked up with the Governor. There was the time she didn’t kill the Governor, but totally could have. There was the time she was locked in a room with Milton, who was slowly turning into a zombie, and couldn’t figure out a way to kill him. Like, are you kidding, Andrea? Even Carl would have gotten that shit done, but she somehow didn’t.

RIP, Andrea – you made too many bad decisions to survive.

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