10. Tyrion Is Daenerys And Drogo’s Child
As completely ridiculous as it sounds, D+D=T has a massive, almost sinfully big following. Yes, you heard me, fans actually believe that Tyrion, erm, Lannister is actually “The Stallion Who Mounts The World”.

But how in the seven hells is that even possible? Allow me to explain…

When Daenerys gave birth to Rhaego at the hand of the witch Miri Miri, it was said that the child was monstrous and “twisted”. So the theory goes that Miri Miri had gone back in time and actually baby-swapped Rhaego with the already-pregnant Joanna Lannister’s child, who was already dead in her stomach. She then gave birth to Rhaego, who then became Tyrion, and Dany gave birth to Joanna’s stillborn child.

Obviously some questions arise: how, if Miri Miri did travel back in time, did she swap the babies exactly? Did she deliver each one, go to the bathroom with the babies and magically entered a time machine to do the swap? It just doesn’t make sense on any level, or any way you look at it. At all.

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