10. Benjen Stark
Benjen Stark would rank higher on the list if we had 100% confirmation of his death. However, almost five entire seasons on from his 7 minutes of screen-time, he can still only be labelled as strongly, almost certainly, surely, presumed dead. There’s an enormous chance we’ll never see or hear about him again, but why?

Ned Stark’s younger brother took up the black and served in the Night’s Watch where he rose to the position of First Ranger. He was the man who inspired Jon Snow to follow suit, and the young outcast continually referred to his uncle Benjen in the time after his disappearance. Benjen is even mentioned in the very latest scene to air, with Jon being lured outside by a fake tale of his uncle’s return. Benjen’s horse returned to the Wall, while his companions’ remains were located, but Benjen’s story is still a mystery.

If the Stark really is dead, he left the show far, far too early.

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