10. How Did Herschel And His Family Not Know About Sophia In The Barn?
If you ask any Walking Dead fan about Season 2, you’ll find that the general consensus is that there is very little to love and an enormous amount to hate. One big and frustrating question (out of many) that came out of watching Season 2 unfold was why didn’t Herschel know about Sophia in his barn?

Season 2 defenders will be quick to claim that Herschel didn’t know as it was Otis and the others who did all the dirty work. Okay, so why didn’t any of his family members who feed the zombies everyday say anything about the girl zombie in their barn? It has been established that Herschel is fiercely loyal to his family and nothing goes on on his farm without his consent and knowledge, so someone must’ve surely mentioned to him that they have a young girl zombie who might possibly be the one that Rick’s group has been searching for.

It all just makes no sense since withholding crucial information about Sophia meant that Rick’s group stayed on Herschel’s farm longer than what was needed. Had Herschel said anything, Rick’s group would’ve tied up that storyline quicker and Herschel would’ve finally been able to rid himself of the freeloaders on his land.

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