10. Leonel Salamanca In Hospital
A hangover from one of Breaking Bad’s most iconic sequences, in which Hank fights the Salamanca twins in the hospital parking lot, there is no doubt that this is one of the show’s creepiest moments. But there is definitely something about it that feels slightly forced and overly surreal, especially given its heavy-handed nod to a previous episode.

Leonel Salamanca, who despises Walt, is paralysed from the waist down having been crushed between two cars by Hank. Lying in his hospital bed, apparently incapacitated, he spots Walt through the glass window of the doorway. Suddenly filled with animalistic rage, he throws his broken body to the floor and begins to crawl – in fact, slither like a snake – determinedly towards Walt. This is a nod towards the cousins’ introduction at the beginning of the season, when they crawl through the desert towards an image of Heisenberg.

The fear and panic on the face of Walt and the onlookers is matched by that of the audience, suggesting that the scene works, but several things do feel problematic. For starters, the guy looked he could barely move a moment before. Yes, it’s easy to suggest that his hatred of Walt is so great that he located hidden strength – but it’s somewhat far-fetched.

There’s also the question of what he would actually do if he were to get through the door (how could he even reach the handle?) and confront Walt. Surely the onlookers’ fears would subside having quickly recognised that the most damage he could do would be to bite their ankles? Walt is also able to get away with Salamanca recognizing him far too easily, batting aside the brief inquisition without any real effort required.

A great scene, but it certainly raises a few questions.

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