The Walking Dead has everything that you need from a television show, from romance, to the reanimated dead, and of course some really annoying side characters to get your blood boiling. They do serve a purpose in keeping the story rolling and getting in the line of fire to save the likes of Rick or Daryl, but damn, they’re definitely not the sort of people who you’d want to share a pint with.

If anything, they’re the kind of people that you probably already know in your life, and they’re the ones that you try your hardest to avoid. These characters are annoying in their own little ways; whether they’re selfish, a burden to the group or if they just have absolutely no banter that you sometimes forget about their existence, you’re probably wondering when it’s time to get the chop – well, the bite.

Prepare to remember people that you’ve blocked out of your memory because they’re just so useless.

10. Eugene

Although Eugene has definitely warmed up to viewers ever since the whole “I’m not a genius and Washington DC was a lie” thing, he really does need to man up and start helping out the group. What does he actually do apart from get in the way of things? He doesn’t go out on runs, he doesn’t help out in Alexandria and he’s so lazy that he hasn’t even bothered to cut his hair.

Whenever fighting breaks out, he can be seen ducking for cover and even in training exercises, he’s the only one to complain about it and tell the rest of the group how scared he is. Listen up Eugene, it’s the zombie apocalypse, everyone is scared. But if you know how to defend yourself, you might feel a little bit better instead of seeing your inevitable death every time you look at a walker.

He’s one of the least resourceful members and he’s causing everyone else to have extra eyes on the backs of their heads in order to look out for him and protect him. If he doesn’t change soon then he’s going to get bitten and no will be surprised about it.

9. Ron And Sam Anderson

Considering how normal Jessie is, why are her two sons complete lost causes?

Ron is the oldest out of the two and is currently going through the ‘oh shut up, you know nothing’ stage of being a teenager. He has so much angst and moodiness that it’s no wonder he pulled out a gun in the last episode – but was he really going to shoot Carl… over Enid? Enid isn’t exactly a girl worth duelling over, but it is the apocalypse and all teenage problems are either solved with awkward, sissy fights or just pulling a gun out.

And then there’s Sam who is so annoying that Carol had to threaten to tie him to a tree in the middle of the woods and let the walkers eat him alive. It might seem a bit extreme considering the fact that he’s just a child, but it’s completely justified because he’s just so annoying. Like Lizzie, he’s unable to understand the current world that he’s now living in and as frightening as it is, he needs to adapt to it if he’s going to survive.

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