Money is power, a name is power, killing a powerful person is power, luck is power. Everything in Game of Thrones comes back around to power. The most insignificant characters can rise to positions of huge importance, while the heavy-hitters at the top of the ladder can tumble quicker than the Hound on a rocky hill.

Game of Thrones is the perfect title to summarise the entire series. Just as one player looks set to walk away as a champion, BOOM, they’re sent spiralling to the bottom of the pile and the process constantly repeats. Ultimately, ‘winning’ the game seems futile because somebody else will merrily come along and poach the crown when they see fit, yet everyone is still desperate to perch themselves on the Iron Throne.

Former ‘World’s Most Powerful Human’ Tywin Lannister perished in Season 4 and the void is still yet to be filled. We’ve witnessed some meteoric downfalls and astonishing rises since then, so with Season 6 approaching, who’s in first place?

10. Cersei Lannister

For a time in Season 5, Cersei Lannister would’ve been a genuine contender for the top spot, now she’s clinging onto her Top 10 berth, though even that is looking perilous as her dangerous situation is far from over.

In her favour, she has the obvious link that she’s the mother of the King and has a great influence over him. In effect, she can act as the puppet master for the entire realm, but that’s pretty much the only thing going for her. Lannisters are dropping like flies with Joffrey, Tywin, and Myrcella all being given the boot in less than two seasons. Jaime’s not in the capital just yet, and the wrongly disgraced Tyrion is all the way across the Narrow Sea. Cersei’s allies are virtually non-existent, and the High Sparrow is limiting her every move. However, this is Cersei Lannister. Never, ever count her out.

9. Alliser Thorne

Alliser Thorne isn’t a name you’d normally associate with power, but his last-gasp mutiny in Season 5 has seen the Night’s Watchman shoot up. He’s always been an aggravating, provocative presence at Castle Black, and now his leadership seems largely unopposed.

We can expect Thorne to take up the Lord Commander’s role, and with that he will inherit the Wall, all of the brothers on it, and he’s got Davos and Melisandre at his side for now. He’s playing the game, and he’s winning it. There’s a major threat in the form of the wildlings who were granted passage to the south, but if he can acknowledge their usefulness soon, Thorne could man the entire Wall and become a genuine force along the Wall.

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