Picking out The Walking Dead’s most shocking moments is a bit like selecting Donald Trump’s 10 most moronic quotes. There’s just so many of them, and without shocking moments, the show is nothing. It’s entire reputation is built on coming up with new, creative ways to have us slamming our palms into our faces, much like Trump.

Fortunately The Walking Dead isn’t a real thing (spoiler?) so we’re happy for Robert Kirkman & Co. to continually build our hopes up, make us enjoy their series, and nonchalantly rip our hearts out by any means necessary. Deaths are the easiest way to achieve maximum fan outcry, but that’s not the only way we’re shocked.

Then there are other moments in the show that don’t necessarily change the plot but still raise eyebrows around the world. Quirky moments or unique themes can often be just as startling to watch.

2015 saw the last half of Season 5 and the opening run of Season 6 offer up some pieces of insanity, several glimpses of just how far the world has descended into savagery, and one episode provided the most brutal death ever seen on The Walking Dead, and quite possibly in modern TV. Can you handle it?

10. Carter’s Death

Carter is the most insignificant death on this list in terms of actual characters, but it was still an important move to prove The Walking Dead could still twist and turn in unexpected directions. Ethan Embry was cast as Carter and was heavily promoted in the trailers before the season aired.

He, along with Dr. Denise and Heath, was expected to play a big part of the season but he was killed immediately during the premiere, despite being touted as the spearhead of a rebellion against Rick’s leadership. He was a red herring and his purpose on the show was served when a wizened old walker took a chunk of him, forcing Rick to finish him off for the greater good of their mission.

9. David Becomes A Feast

Continuing with the theme of relatively insignificant deaths that were still immensely shocking, David’s was a grim one. He found himself trying to leap one last fence to freedom alongside Michonne, but the walkers pounced and hauled him down into the mess. It allowed Michonne to survive, but doomed David to a new level of pain.

The Alexandrian is pressed against the metal fence while the undead set to work, feasting on his back. All the while, he can see the other members of the group safe and secure just inches away. Later on, we see the final resting place of a distorted David, and the icing on the cake is that his right eye is stuck to the metal bar, stretching when he moves.

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