The Seven Kingdoms are pretty big right? Not to mention the fact that the even larger continent of Essos lies just across the Narrow Sea. All this land, and all these houses, make for a hell of a lot of characters. It is only natural that with the likes of pouting, luscious-locks Jon Snow, and dragon-bearing Daenerys, some of the characters we are introduced to throughout the series may not get the attention that they deserve.

Simply put, there are thousands of faces (even some faceless ones) in Game of Thrones, and you wouldn’t be blamed for forgetting a couple. For every Ned Stark, there is a Jory Cassel next to him that doesn’t quite get noticed, and that is hardly fair is it?

I’m here to put that right. Sure the Starks are (welp, were) great and Tyrion has a voracious lust for life that entertains us all, but if Game of Thrones has taught us anything it is that none of the characters you like are safe. So here is your chance to pick some some lesser-known, still living and in need of love, characters as your favourites and hope they survive… No promises though! (Minor spoilers if you’re not up-to-date with the show.)

10. Ser Pounce

Who?: This list wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of the coolest cat in Westeros. A long time favourite of book readers, Ser Pounce is one of Tommen’s kittens who nobly managed to evade a skinning by Joffrey. His minor appearance in Season 4 was a high point for some of us and hopefully there is more to come.

Why Should I Love Them?: Well other than having a cuddly demeanour, Ser Pounce is a pretty cool guy and a great friend to Tommen. In the books, Ser Pounce and two other kittens are a gift to Tommen from Margery in an attempt to earn his trust. What’s more, Tommen also often daydreams about the adventures of Ser Pounce, Lady Whiskers and Boots. Cute eh?

Listen, everyone loves Ghost and Drogon, but sometimes you have to look out for the animals closer to home (and real life for that matter). A dragon can’t sit on your bed or fit through the royal cat-flap can it?

9. Lord Yohn Royce

Who?: Yohn Royce is the Lord of Runestone, a castle in the Vale of Arryn. Yohn is also the father of Waymar Royce, a ranger in the Night’s Watch who appears in the very first episode. Although having only appeared in two episodes Royce appears to be an honourable man and is a friend of Winterfell.

Why Should I Love Them?: At the trial concerning the death of Lysa Arryn, Royce openly insults the devious Petyr Baelish and expresses a protective manner towards Sansa. Points all round there. More importantly, Royce is now the guardian of snivelling Robin Arryn and hopefully he can instil some of his honour into the young lord.

He’s certainly not as gaudy as many of the other characters in the show but he looks like he has a spine, and that shouldn’t go unnoticed in the treacherous realm of Westeros.

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