10. Raise Your Hand If You Miss Beth Greene
Between her blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and fit body, Kinney is the whole package. Of course, her character on the show was much more, uh, covered up. She didn’t really show off her toned stomach or anything. She also didn’t have a blow out, but hey, lil’ Beth Greene was still totally beautiful.

There you have it, the female cast of The Walking Dead is mega hot and mega diverse. There are women of difference races and different age ranges featured on the show, which is both very cool and very beautiful. While the whole zombie-eating-your-flesh thing makes the zombie apocalypse seem 100% not cool, the fact that you could possibly hook up with a Maggie, Rosita, or Michonne may make a zombie outbreak not the worst thing in the world. Well, that and you wouldn’t have to pay off your student loan debt. Hey, a zombie outbreak is looking pretty good now that we think about it!

(source therichest)

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