10. How Will This Episode Impact The Rest Of Season 6?

We’ve already explored the theme of morality when it comes to killing. Carol does the necessary dirty work, and Maggie is gradually shifting that way, but which aspects of ‘The Same Boat’ will carry across into the rest of the season? The new characters we met were all butchered, the location trashed, and there doesn’t appear to be any lingering consequences of the events that took place. Will this episode be referenced again, and was it necessary?

9. When Is Carol Acting or Not?

It’s actually difficult to tell when Carol is acting and when her emotions are genuine, though the episode heavily suggested she’s beginning to feel the weight of the corpses being left in her wake. That doesn’t mean she’s going to stop, it just means she doesn’t enjoy being the person she’s become. Will Carol’s regret lead to another storyline, and is she starting to realise that Morgan’s way of life is the moral way to go?

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