10. What's Negan's Next Move?
Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan didn't appear in this episode, and that was no bad thing. The villain completely dominated the first half of Season 7, but without being a truly captivating antagonist, with little nuance despite Morgan's clear enjoyment in playing the character.

However, we do hear him over the radio in this instalment, and he remains the Big Bad of the show; both of the remainder of Season 7, and the one it's almost certainly going to rely on for at least part of Season 8.

That means he is rather important to the plot, so what does he do next? As far as he knows, he holds all the cards - except Daryl, anyway. Will he be content with things ticking over as they are, or is going to make a move to keep everyone on their toes? The Saviours have been created as an almost omnipotent threat thus far, so can a rebellion really be built without them and Negan noticing?

(source whatculture)

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