1. Why did the White Walkers ignore Sam?

At the end of season two, Samwell Tarly is engulfed by a swarm of White Walkers and wights, indicating that winter is well on the way to Westeros. It’s a powerful scene, and it’s great to see it through the eyes of a character we know and love, but there is no apparent reason why none of the zombie-like creatures attack Sam as he’s cowering behind a tiny rock. The White Walker leading the troops even appears to make eye contact with him, and then just moves on, like, “Dude, you’re so not worth my time.”

I’ve seen a couple of explanations, though honestly none of them have seemed satisfactory. There are those who say the White Walker never actually saw Sam; instead, it was a photography trick. That might be true, but that means none of the wights saw him either... and I doubt you can play peek-a-boo with an undead army and turn out okay. Others claim the White Walkers want to leave witnesses to spread word of their arrival, hence why the character Will was able to escape during the opening scenes of the series premiere. But given that they’d attacked a huge group of Night’s Watchmen, at least a few of which must have managed to escape, I don’t think one man by himself in the middle of an open wintry field would be all that valuable to them.

2. Why has Tyrion never retaliated against Littlefinger for framing him for the attack on Bran?

There are plenty of characters who are playing the long game in Game of Thrones (Varys and Littlefinger come to mind), but Tyrion really isn’t one of them. One of his biggest weaknesses has been his restlessness. Yes, he is intelligent and clever, but he’s also impetuous. You really saw this in his role as Hand of the King—especially in the season two episode “What Is Dead May Never Die,” when he used every member of the small council against the others to figure out who was betraying him to Cersei. It was a short-hand solution that screwed him over in the long run, because it alienated key allies.

That being said, it’s still baffling that Tyrion appears to be playing the longest game in the history of Westeros when it comes to Littlefinger—so long, in fact, that it doesn’t look like it exists. Back in season one, Littlefinger framed Tyrion for Bran’s murder attempt, leading Catelyn Stark to kidnap him and put him on trial for his very life, setting off the conflict between the Starks and the Lannisters. Eventually Tyrion then finds out that Littlefinger was behind it, and you’d think he’d be pretty pissed to find out the role Littlefinger played in his near-demise.

And yet, when Tyrion returns to King’s Landing, it never comes up. He and Littlefinger never even talk about it in their not-so-subtle double-speak. Tyrion just kind of forgets it ever happened. Unless, of course, it’s all going to come to a head soon, in one of the longest cons in the history of the show. Varys eventually got revenge on the sorcerer who castrated him—maybe Tyrion has also just been biding his time.

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