Forget your opinion of The Walking Dead so far. Some people will have loved the first half of Season 6, others will have hated it, while the majority probably swing back and forth between the two. It’s a divisive series on the screen and away from it, but one thing you can always guarantee is a huge pile of questions to be answered.

Curiosity keeps many people coming back for more and the Season 6 mid-season finale was loaded with pressing issues, yet it still shunned addressing other questions we had from earlier in the season.

The halfway point is an annoyance (no more Rick until February…) but it gives fans time to take a breather and gather their thoughts ahead of what is sure to be an off-the-scale second half. How do I know it’s going to be stunning? The very last word spoken in the ‘after-credits’ scene. He’s coming…

10. Can Morgan And Carol Co-Exist?

If your heart was breaking watching two of the best actors and characters on the show lock horns in the basement, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. The real enemy in that picture is sitting on the right hand side, yet it was two of the ‘heroes’ delivering blows on each other.

The frustrating thing is that both Morgan and Carol are both striving for the same things, survival for themselves and protection for others, yet their philosophies on how to reach those goals are wildly opposing. Carol isn’t afraid to make immensely tough decisions, she’s killed before and she’ll kill again, all for the greater good. Morgan is a new man of peace. He believes in rehabilitation and second chances based on his own personal journey. With both characters so conflicted, can they both survive in the same place together?

9. Who Wins: Ron Or Carl?

Ron vs. Carl has to be the most annoying side-story on the show, and it’s 0% Carl’s fault. Master Grimes has really matured over the years, and he’s certainly his father’s son. All of that neglectful mothering from Lori has probably hardened Carl into a warrior when he should still be a regular teenager.

On the other hand, we’ve got Ron. He’s quite simply THE worst. If ‘the worst’ came in human form, it’d look something like Ron. He’s the twisty, angsty teen from hell, some might say that his reactions are normal, but his beef with Carl is completely needless, and certainly doesn’t require a loaded gun to solve. The pair will clash again, but who will come out victorious? I can see the t-shirts now: ‘If Ron survives, we riot…’

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