10. The Attempted Murder Of Bran Stark
While some of the horrendous acts on this list may be debated by some, there is no debate about this. At the time, Bran was just a young boy who was being a disobedient child by scaling walls that he had no business being on. Meanwhile, unbeknown to the child, Cersei was a bit occupied (don’t worry; I’ll touch on that in a bit). After stumbling upon what can only be described as some family bonding, Bran sat there in absolute horror. Naturally, wanting to keep the world in the dark about their disgusting relationship, Cersei ordered Jaime to push Bran to his certain death.

Jaime obviously deserves a huge part of the blame. After all, it was his hands that propelled Bran to his crippled state. Cersei, however, had absolutely no problem with having a dead Stark on her conscience, and didn’t bat an eye when Bran was paralyzed. For as dark as this show can be, this act happened in an earlier episode, and gave some fantastic foreshadowing of just how awful this woman truly is.

(source therichest)

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