10. Enid

Played by: Katelyn Nacon

First appearance: Remember (S5E12)

Last appearance: Ongoing

Enid may have only been on the show for a brief time, but she is fast becoming Lizzie 2.0. Filling the hate-void left by the likes of Lori, Enid is public enemy No.1 in the Twitterverse, which is not a good place to be - those Walking Dead fans are a bloodthirsty lot.

A shame considering there were so many theories about Enid, all of which fell flatter than her character - was she a Savior, was she a secret wolf? Nope, she was just an angsty teen.

Sadly, it looks like Enid is taking over the role of Sophia in the comic books, and is fast heading towards a future as Mrs. Carl Grimes. Her role as the adopted daughter of Glenn and Maggie could come to a head if one of them meets their maker in Season 7, but how would Enid cope with Maggie's baby around?

Are we heading for another murdered child at the hands of Enid? Secretly, I hope so - give Enid something crazy to do, otherwise she is just another grumpy teen in an already pretty grim world.

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(source whatculture)

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